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MTO Film & Television is an award winning independent film and television production company owned & operated by Michael T. Lombardi, based in Connecticut. Since 2000 the company has produced short and feature films in all genres, including regional Emmy award nominee "Kidd's Gold", and the homeless drama "Lost & Found", both of which aired on local PBS affiliate CPTV. 

MTO has also produced the multi-generational TV family comedy series "Welcome to Grandpaville", the TV movie "Grandpaland", the feature films "Creepy Crawley" and "Grandpa is a Weirdo!", and several television pilots.

MTO also produced two "Halloween" inspired short fan films: "Shot-For-Shot Halloween" and "Halloween: Michael VS Michael" both of which have been recognized with award nominations at numerous horror film festivals. 

In 2021 MTO produced a concept trailer for "Crescent", a proposed horror/suspense/drama series currently being pitched to streaming services, and in late 2022, MTO released an original short film called "The Legend of Two Pines" which is currently running the film festival circuit.

MTO is currently in active development on the pilot for a new sci-fi series "E.B.E.". Production is slated to begin in June 2023.

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In this original sci-fi/family short film, fifteen-year-old Audrey Wilson (Imani Reid) must enlist the help of her brother Danny (Maxwell Blumenstock) and her best friends Myles (Nick Bonanno) and Hailey (Faye Staschke) in an effort to solve the mystery of a decades old town legend. Along the way, Audrey attempts to reconnect with her estranged grandfather (Robert Canelli), and comes to discover that the best adventure in life... is family. 

Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi


Drawing inspiration from the Halloween franchise, John Hughes' classic 80's film Weird Science, HALLOWEEN: MICHAEL VS. MICHAEL features two versions of the iconic slasher Michael Myers, in a brand-new setting with new characters who live in a world where the Halloween movies exist. With a Halloween deadline looming, best friends and self-proclaimed horror geeks Bobby (Ben Seideman) and Nick (Kyle Geriak) team-up to create an ambitious high school science project on the eve of Halloween. But when a rare geomagnetic storm hits, it unleashes evil times-two into their small Midwestern town. The boys find themselves in a race against time to stop two invincible versions of Michael Myers (Michael T. Lombardi & Tony Ionno)!
Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi


Fiercely independent and unapologetically rebellious, Jordan (Clio Contogenis) is about to discover that nothing in Crescent Valley is what it seems. But her colorful past and unique set of "skills" will come in handy when discovering the secrets of her new surroundings, because it seems that this town is crawling with monsters! Along with her three new housemates, Jordan is about to embark on a life changing journey full of adventure, peril, and teen angst. (CONCEPT TRAILER)

Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi


Shot-For-Shot "Halloween" is a not-for-profit independent production that recreates four iconic scenes (and puts a new spin on a fifth scene) from John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, in honor of the film's 40th anniversary. Independent filmmakers (and loyal "Halloween" fans) Michael T Lombardi & Nils Toledo Jr. have teamed-up to create this unique project as a tribute to Carpenter and his original vision. Just for fun! Featuring Natalie Osborne as Laurie Strode, Paul Noonan as Sheriff Brackett, Emily Santarsiero as Annie, Devin Murphy as Lindsey, Eli Wald as Tommy Doyle, and Michael T. Lombardi as The Shape. Based on Characters Created by John Carpenter & Debra Hill. Music by John Carpenter. 

Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi


"Welcome to Grandpaville" is an original family comedy series created by Michael T. Lombardi. The series consists of 9 episodes and an original movie "Grandpaland". PILOT LOGLINE: 11-year-old Shelby's life has just been turned upside down after she is sent to live with her eccentric toy maker grandfather whom she hasn't seen in years. Getting used to her new surroundings, and the characters that inhabit "Grandpaville" as she calls it, will be the adventure of Shelby's lifetime! 
Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi

LOGLINE: When Grandpa Potts (Dave Wall) receives an invitation from his brother Roy (Anthony Urillo) to bring the Grandpaville kids to Roy’s new amusement park, it's an adventure of vertical proportions with insane roller coasters, a couple of lost girls, a hunt for hidden tunnels, an encounter with dinos, a mysterious fortune teller, and a private concert with America’s hottest new Boy Band! "Grandpaland" is a hilarious, zany TV movie comedy for the whole family!
Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi

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