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Drawing inspiration from the Halloween franchise, John Hughes' classic 80's film Weird Science, and mixing in a heavy comic book influence, HALLOWEEN: MICHAEL VS. MICHAEL features two versions of the iconic slasher Michael Myers, along with a brand-new setting & new characters who live in a world where the Halloween movies exist. With a Halloween deadline looming, best friends and self-proclaimed horror geeks Bobby (Ben Seideman) and Nick (Kyle Geriak) team-up to create an ambitious high school science project on the eve of Halloween. But when a rare geomagnetic storm hits, it unleashes evil times-two into their small Midwestern town. With the help of their friends Audrey (Ellie Ash) and Willow (Samantha Bauer), the teens find themselves in a race against time to stop two very real and potentially invincible versions of Michael Myers (Michael T. Lombardi & Tony Ionno) before it’s too late... with a surprise ending you won't want to miss!

Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi


Shot-For-Shot "Halloween" is a not-for-profit independent production that recreates four iconic scenes (and puts a new spin on a fifth scene) from John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, in honor of the film's 40th anniversary. Independent filmmakers (and loyal "Halloween" fans) Michael T Lombardi & Nils Toledo Jr. have teamed-up to create this unique project as a tribute to Carpenter and his original vision. Just for fun! Featuring Natalie Osborne as Laurie Strode, Paul Noonan as Sheriff Brackett, Emily Santarsiero as Annie, Devin Murphy as Lindsey, Eli Wald as Tommy Doyle, and Michael T. Lombardi as The Shape. Based on Characters Created by John Carpenter & Debra Hill. Music by John Carpenter. 


Written, Produced, and Directed by Michael T. Lombardi

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